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Buddha siddende kobberfarvet h:21cm

Buddha siddende grøn kobberfarvet polystone h:21cm - Se Buddha figurer
  • Varenr: Buddha BUD239
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Buddha er støbt i irgrøn kobberfarvet polystone - et meget stærkt kunstmateriale blandet med ler - dette gør figuren anvendelig til udendørsbrug - Se flere Buddha figurer her

Dhyana Mudra

This mudra signifies meditation. Both hands are in the lap with palms upward. The right hand is on top of the left hand. The Buddha is most seated in the half-lotus posture (sometimes called 'yoga', 'Indian', 'Buddha' posture). Some images display the Buddha in the so-called adamantine (diamond, or full-lotus) posture with tightly crossed legs, so that the soles of both feet are visible

The Bodhisattva makes a vow and is determined not the leave the spot (where he is sitting on the grass) until he achieves enlightenment. The Boddhisattva determines to find the cause of suffering and its cessation

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